Jewish man Killed at Religious Site

Israeli police said a guard from a private security firm shot and fatally wounded a Jewish man on Friday at an important holy site in Jerusalem. The man apparently had been shouting in Arabic.

A spokesman for the Israeli police said the security guard fired shots at the Israeli man who was 46-years old and had appeared suspicious.

Police were told by the guard that the man had shouted in Arabic “Allahu Akbar” which is God is Great and had his hands inside his pockets. Often times, Arab militants shout the same phrase before they carry out an attack.

The guard explained to police he opened fire on the man because he has suspected him of having a weapon and thought he might be getting ready to launch an attack.

When the police spokesperson was asked if a weapon had been found on or near the body of the man, he said he did not have any more details.

The police said the man was an Israeli Jew however, his name was not released.

Police questioned the guard following the shooting and he was due in court later in the afternoon Friday. At that time, a decision will be made to determine if the guard will be held in custody.

One radio station in Israel said the guard had been working in his position for over a year and was 25 years of age.

The Western Wall incident highlighted the smoldering tension that continues in the area. The site is part of an outside wall of a hilltop compound that has been disputed over and is a point of clashes between Palestinians and Israelis.

However, recently the violence has been quite muted.

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