Jihadi John Has Been Identified

A masked man, dressed in black with a British accent who is seen in the videos from ISIS showing Western hostages being beheaded was identified on Thursday as Kuwaiti-born Londoner Mohammed Emwazi.

The man’s identity was confirmed by a close friend of Emwazi.

A human rights group based in the UK, which contacted Emwazi prior to him traveling to Syria, also said it believes he is Jihadi John, which is the nickname given to the masked man.

The Metropolitan Police in London did not comment on the identity saying they had previously asked the media outlets not to make speculation about the details of its investigation due to lives being at risk.

The police added that they would not confirm the identity of anyone at this point in their investigations or give any updates to their progress of a current ongoing investigation of counter terrorism.

The figure clad in black and masked believed to be the nicknamed Jihadi John is now a familiar sight in the gruesome videos of beheadings by ISIS.

He appears to be the militant from ISIS shown in last month’s video that demanded a ransom of $200 million to spare the lives of two citizens of Japan. That man sounded and looks similar to the one appearing in five or more previous videos, that included hostages.

British and U.S. officials have said previously that they believed they knew who this Jihadi John was, but have not disclosed that information to the public.

That likely is because intelligence agencies from the West believe there is more to gain from remaining quiet that acknowledging the man’s identity, said a former officer with the U.S. CIA in an interview.

The officer added that they can pressure his family, pressure all his friends and might have a line to finding him. They could know the cousins he has that are traveling to Syria and can identify him. However, by publicly telling the world who the masked man is, he might go deep underground never to be seen again.

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