Jihadists in Syria Execute 15-Year Old

The opposition rebels in Syria have denounced the jihadist rebels who executed a 15-year old boy, making his family watch. The boy was executed after he was accused of blasphemy.

Syria’s main rebel group, the National Coalition, said it condemns every act that is a violation of the people’s values in Syria and the Free Syrian Army’s principles.

The coalition warned that anyone who committed war crimes breached international treaties or conventions would have to stand trial regardless of whom they were.

On Sunday, in Aleppo a far northern province of Syria, jihadists executed Muhammed Qatta. The group who executed him was the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq, a group fronted by al-Qaeda, reported a human rights watch group.

The human rights group said the 15-year old had been working in Aleppo at his coffee stand when three men abducted him. The boy’s mother said one of the three men appeared to be from the area, while both of the others had an accent when they spoke.

The three men returned the next day with the youth, who at that time had torture marks on him. He was then shot in the head by the men in front of his parents and a crowd that had gathered.

The men, prior to shooting the boy, said taking the Prophets name in vain was punishable by death and others would be punished similarly if they did the same.

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