Johansson Cuts Ties With Humanitarian Group

Actress Scarlett Johansson has severed ties with Oxfam International as one of its Ambassadors after she was criticized by the humanitarian organization for working with a company that operates inside the West Bank.

The cause of the separation was described as a fundamental difference of opinion. The star of Her announced on Wednesday she was stepping down from the post through her spokesperson.

The statement about her resigning said that Johansson had decided to end her stint as ambassador role with the humanitarian organization after representing them for 8 years.

The statement added that she and Oxfam have a difference of opinion regarding the divestment, sanctions and boycott movement. She said she was proud of what she had accomplished and her efforts in fundraising during the time she represented Oxfam.

Johansson has worked with the group in fundraising and the awareness of global poverty. While carrying out her responsibilities with the humanitarian organization, she traveled to many countries over the eight-year period.

Earlier in January, Johansson was announced as the new face for SodaStream. She is featured as well in an upcoming advertisement that will be featured for the drink, which is set to air during Sunday’s Super Bowl.

Oxfam criticized her collaboration with the company saying that businesses that have operations in settlements like the West Bank further the denial of rights and ongoing poverty of all Palestinian communities that the organization is working to support. Oxfam, a prepared statement said, opposes all trade from the Israeli settlements that are illegal in international law.

In response to the criticism received from Oxfam, Johansson released a prepared statement that said she had never intended on being the featured face of any political or social movement, separation, distinction or stance as part of her affiliation with the company SodaStream.

Nearly 550,000 Israelis are in settlements in east Jerusalem and the West Bank, which are lands Israeli captured back in 1967. The Palestinians want the two territories along with the Gaza Strip as part of their future free state.

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