John Kerry Visiting Cairo for Discussions About Rebuilding Gaza

John Kerry the Secretary of State for the United States arrived early Sunday in Cairo to meet with officials from Arab and European nations to discuss the rebuilding of the Gaza Strip that was ravaged by the 51 days of fighting between Palestinians and Israel.

However, many donors have shown reluctance to contribute due to fear that Israel and Hamas will again fight and any reconstruction will only be knocked down over the next couple of years.

During his first remarks, Kerry said the United States would send additional aid in the amount of $212 million to help with reconstruction and relief of the Gaza and an additional $84 million for the relief agency of the U.N. in Gaza, which would bring the contribution in all to over $400 million by the U.S.

Kerry said the money would give immediate relief and would help meet the budget needs of the Palestinian Authority. Money will also help stability, security and economic development.

The latest round of money is over triple the original $118 million the U.S. paid for aid in Gaza since the war of earlier this summer.

Kerry is expected to also ask Israel and the Palestinians to restart negotiations for a settlement that is long lasting, as a way to help persuade the donor nations that have been skeptical that the projects they would fund would not be destroyed.

Hamas and Israel have fought three separate wars during the past six years. Following each of the confrontations, donors have been asked to help pay for the damage.

The contribution by the U.S. is just a small share of the approximately $4 billion that the Palestinians said they need to reconstruct housing and different infrastructure over the upcoming three years.

The majority of the money will likely come from the oil-rich Gulf nations like Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

The war of 51 days this summer in the Gaza Strip was to date the most destructive with a cost of rebuilding that is estimated to be three times worse than the war of 2008.

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