Jordan Wastes Little Time, Starts Airstrikes Against ISIS

Fighter jets from Jordan returned home following their missions carried out on Thursday said the country’s state run television.

No immediate word was released on what those missions were or exactly where they had taken place, but a spokesperson from the Jordanian government said the majority of the targets would be located in the eastern region of Syria.

The military plan, said the spokesperson was to go after targets that are ISIS to degrade and defeat them. We want them to pay for the horrendous crimes they carry out and the atrocity they committed against Jordan’s pilot.

The military spokesman said the Thursday airstrikes were coordinated with the U.S. led coalition. Jordan is very angry following the senseless, brutal, and savage killing of Lt. Moath al-Kasasbeh a pilot in the military who was burned alive while held in a cage.

The family of the deceased pilot has called for revenge. Jordan’s airstrikes came as thousands of mourners poured into the hometown of al-Kasasbeh, Ay a small village. King Abdullah II paid respects to the pilot’s family along with a delegation of high-level dignitaries and several senior tribesmen.

The military response on Thursday comes only a day after two prisoners were executed by Jordan, including Sajida al-Rishawi whose release was demanded previously by ISIS as part of an exchange for prisoners.

The father of the pilot has demanded that Jordan do more.

He said there was no comparison between Moath and the criminals that were executed on Wednesday. He demanded his country carry out revenge that is bigger than just executing prisoners.

The horrific death of his son was recorded and on Tuesday posted online.

King Abdullah promised a swift and strong response, saying that the radical militant group is not only fighting his country but also warring against noble Islam.

The country wants to increase airstrikes against ISIS, according to sources. However, the uncle of the deceased pilot, Yassin al-Rawashdeh said that he wanted ground troops to become involved in the coalition against the ISIS and Syria and Iraq.

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