Journalist Amongst Dead in Accident in Gaza

On Wednesday, the Palestinian Health Ministry announced that five people including a video journalist from the Associated Press and his translator, who was Palestinian, were killed when a bomb disposal unit attempted to dismantle an Israeli bomb that did not explode.

Simone Camilli was the AP journalist killed. The Italian was 35 and died when police engineers from Gaza attempted to disable the bomb in Beit Lahiya.

Also amongst the dead was the bomb squad’s leader Taysir Al Houm, said the ministry. Three police officers from Gaza were killed as well.

Camilli who was a citizen of Italy and his translator Ali Shedha Abu Afash had been on assignment with the team when the bomb explosion occurred.

Authorities said four other people were injured seriously in the blast, including Hatem Moussa a photographer from AP.

Camilli, who was with the AP since 2005, was the first journalist for outside the region to be killed in the recent conflict in Gaza.

The bomb blast took place on the third and final day of a truce of 72 hours between Israeli defense forces and the militant of Hamas, after weeks of rocket fire and bombardments.

The blast on Wednesday took place sometime between 10:40 and 10:50 am local time.

At midnight on Wednesday, the Egypt brokered cease fire will end if the attempts by the Egyptians to broker a settlement that is more accepted fails.

The Israeli Defense Forces said they did not carry out any airstrikes in that particular area Wednesday. The military command in Israel did not make any further comment on the explosion in Gaza.

The fighting on the Gaza strip has claimed the lives of over 1,900 Palestinians according to United Nations and Palestinian officials.

Most of those killed have been civilians.

Israel said on Wednesday that 67 people from their country had been killed and only three were civilians.

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