Kerry Says Egypt Seems to have Goal of Democracy

John Kerry the U.S. Secretary of State announced on Sunday that he saw indications that the generals in Egypt have intentions to restore democracy to the nation, following an army takeover that prompted the U.S. Congress to freeze some aid to one of its most longstanding allies.

Kerry, the most senior official from the U.S. to visit Egypt since the military overthrew Mohammed Morsi the Islamist President in early July, said that Cairo was an important partner.

Kerry’s comments seem to be an attempt to mend ties that have been strained by the U.S. partial freeze of aid, pending the countries progress to democracy.

The U.S. top diplomat, who arrived one day before former President Morsi along with 14 of his colleagues from the Muslim Brotherhood are due in court on inciting violence charges, stressed that there was a need for fair trials for every Egyptian.

Kerry’s visit to Cairo is the first stop in his nine-day visit to the Middle East, North Africa and Eastern Europe.

Relations between Egypt and the U.S. have deteriorated since Morsi was overthrown. Washington repeatedly urged the military’s interim government to act with some restraint in its crack down on the Muslim Brotherhood and supporters.

Kerry’s trip to the Middle East will include visiting another ally who has become strained Saudi Arabia, as well as Jordan, Algeria, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates.

It appears as if part of the visit by Kerry has a goal of easing the concerns over Washington’s positive reactions to Iran’s overtures regarding its controversial nuclear program and the U.S. policy on the ongoing civil war in Syria.

Kerry will visit Saudi Arabia in Riyadh, which will mark the first meeting Kerry has had with Saudi’s King Abdullah since the former Massachusetts Senator became the U.S. Secretary of State.

Concern over the war in Syria has split some of the support from allies, as many would like more participation on the part of the U.S. to bring an end to the deadly battle that has caused economic and large scale social problems in the region.

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