Khodadad Azizi Criticizes Carlos Queiroz

Khodadad Azizi, legendary Iranian football player

Khodadad Azizi, legendary Iranian football player, criticized Iran’s football federation and head coach, Carlos Queiroz.

“I’m not totally agreed with the decisions made by Football Federation to give a lot power to Carlos Queiroz. He decided to close Hazfi Cup in order to help Team Melli to achieve in its way to qualify for the Brazil World Cup. I believe this was not a correct decision. I’m not against Queiroz but his peers in other countries don’t have same power as he has in Iran.” Khodadad Azizi said.

“A few years ago Croatian football coaches dominated our local clubs and national team, now it’s the time for Portuguese men. This is the drawback of our football.” Azizi talked about all the foreign coaches who used to work in Iran.

He also commented on Jose Manuel, the new head coach of Tehran base club Persepolis FC. “We paid $1 to hire Jose Manuel. Actually we could employ a first class coach from Europe with this money but we didn’t do that.” Jose Manuel had a great performance in Egypt but Khodadad Azizi negates them by saying: “Egypt? Egypt has worst rank than Iran in FIFA ranking. So being a successful coach in that country doesn’t guarantee the same achievement in Iran.”

Khodadad Azizi represented Iran at the 1996 Asian Cup, 1998 FIFA World Cup, and the 2000 Asian Cup. He was named Asian Player of the Year in 1996, as well as the Asian Cup Most Valuable Player in the 1996 Asian Cup. Azizi is best remembered for scoring the equalizer against Australia in the second leg World Cup Qualifier in November 1997, sending Iran into France 98.

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