Kristen Stewart Charity Chat Earns $500,000

Actress Kristen Stewart has a number of hardcore fans that follow her on Twitter, but one prince in the Middle East tops all of her fans. The prince donated half a million dollars to a charity so he could enjoy a chat of 15 minutes with Stewart.

Harvey Weinstein, a producer, helped to organize a concert last December to help with those who suffered damage in SuperStorm Sandy.

The concert raised a reported $50 million in relief money for the east coast residents hit by the storm.

The prince told Weinstein he would donate a large amount of money if Stewart could just sit and talk with him.

The actress, known for her performance in Twilight, wanted to know the amount before she agreed, so Weinstein starting negotiating the deal with the prince.

Eventually the amount of $500,000 was agreed to with the prince and the conversation for 15 minutes took place last December.

Stewart had been intrigued by the strange offer from the prince and once the amount had been agreed upon, the 23-year old said it would be all worth it.

The two met and spoke at Madison Square Garden, prior to the concert last December. The money was paid prior to the 15-minute chat.

Even though the prince dished out six figures, the concert, which starred entertainers like Mick Jagger, Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney, Adam Sandler, Chris Rock and Billy Joel, took in millions of dollars to help those who suffered damage in the storm.

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