Kurds Take Control of Kobani

A monitoring organization said that the Kurdish fighters in Kobani have taken control of the Syrian border town on Monday after months of battling against the Islamic State militant groups. However, officials at the Pentagon would not declare the battle for the town over yet.

The Pentagon announced that Kurdish fighters are now in control of close to 90% of Kobani, the Syrian town near the border of Turkey. The Kurdish fighters have denied the IS one of its strategic goals.

The Central Command for the U.S., which leads the coalition of countries battling the IS, congratulated the Kurds. It said the fighters fought with fortitude and aggressively and called the Islamic State’s loss of the town a failure.

The Kurds, who have been backed by airstrikes from the U.S., fought for months for control of the town. The town is strategically located on the border of Syria and Turkey and whoever is controlling it controls a big border crossing.

However, much of the town is just ruins. Thousands of people are homeless said an official and there is no food, water or power. Hospitals are non-existent in the town.

A human rights group said that Syrian Kurdish forces and Kurdish force from Iraq had retaken the town.

However, military officials in the U.S., which had been hitting the IS with airstrikes was slightly more cautious by saying they were not yet prepared to declare victory in the town.

Warfare street to street had almost emptied the entire town of civilians since the fighters from the IS started their offensive back in July.

The city became a symbol of battling against the insurgents who are Sunni Muslim and have captured large swathes of land in both Syria and Iraq.

If the IS group captured Kobani, it would have taken control of a big border crossing with Turkey and then would have been able to have direct lines between its different positions on the border.

Regardless of what the U.S. command had said, Kurdish fighters on the ground told a human rights groups that all Islamic State members had been expelled from Kobani.

However, they did say that some jihadists were being pursued on the outskirts of eastern Kobani.

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