Kurds take control of town, Turkey Concerned

A Kurdish party from Syria, with ties to Kurdish militants inside Turkey, seized control of a border town along the Syria-Turkey border.

The town captured by the Democratic Union Party was Ras al-ain on the northeastern border of Syria with Turkey.

This has increased the fears of the Turkish government that a possible autonomous Kurdish area inside Syria could encourage the Turkish militants from the Kurdistan Workers party, which is also fighting against the Turkish government for autonomy.

The foreign minister of Turkey spoke of his government’s concern that violence from the civil war in Syria was spilling over into their country. He called once again for the UN Security Council, which has not yet reached a consensus with regard Syria, to act.

The military on Wednesday through a statement said that the town of Ras al-Ain fell under the control of the militants from PYD, which it said was nothing more than a separatist terrorist group.

Troops from the Turkish military had shot at fighters from PYD in Syria, following its rules of engagement after the group had fired two rocket propelled grenades into Turkey from Syria and struck a border post, said Turkish officials.

The Turkish military said that it had strengthened its security along the border with Syria with a number of armored vehicles.

The fighting between the Kurdish militants, who support the establishment of a autonomous area within Syria, and the Islamist Arab fighters from Nusra Front, which is linked to al-Qaeda, started Tuesday after the a Kurdish patrol had been attacked by Nusra fighters.

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