Laptop Imports Reduce by 80% in Iran

Laptop Imports Reduce by 80 in Iran

Seyyed Mehdi Mir Mehdi, head of electronic trading for Tehran, announced that the total laptops imports to Iran are decreased by 80% due to volatile exchange rate and American embargo on Iran.

“Since the prices of foreign currencies have been increased by 100%, the total laptop imports have reduced significantly. All the prices of electronic devices, laptops and tablets also sky rocketed in the market. So buyers stop spending on electronic products because of the high prices.” Seyyed Mehdi Mir Mehdi said.

“Based on the statistics of Islamic Republic of Iran customs administration, the laptops imports have been decreased by 27%. But to be honest we have recorded 80% number for this major deduction.” Seyyed Mehdi Mir Mehdi reiterated.

Iranian used to spend thousands of Dollars each year to buy new laptops and gadgets but as the prices have been increased dramatically they have stopped spending on these luxury items.

Iran is currently experiencing hard sanctions from the United States and European countries. The financial embargoes had disastrous effects on Iran national currency Rial. The Rial Dollar exchange rate has been increased by 300% in compare to 3 years ago before applying the new rounds of sanctions. However Iranian government refuses the effects of these sanctions and calls them “ineffective on Iran’s economy”.

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