Law Enforcement: Teen Falls in Love with Fighter from ISIS

A teenager from Denver, Colorado thought she had found love but instead found herself in a great deal of trouble.

Nineteen-year-old Shannon Conley who is from Arvada, Colorado met a fighter in ISIS online. She became instantly infatuated with the fighter.

Authorities said she was planning to travel to Syria to help the ISIS cause, but on April 8 was arrested by agents from the FBI at Denver International Airport.

Officials said she was charged with the conspiracy to provide support to a foreign terrorist group.

Conley, who is a certified nurse’s aide, told her Internet love, who according to the parents of Conley, is a Tunisian who is 32 years of age, which she planned to be a nurse for ISIS fighters.

She planned to marry him and live with him near the Syria border with Turkey.

On Wednesday, court documents were unsealed from an April 9 hearing and spell out the way Conley had planned to join her husband to be.

Conley said she was aware that the plans she made might have been illegal and she might be arrested. However, she did not have any intention to every return to the U.S., read the affidavit.

She told investigators that if she were required to she would have engaged in combat, but would not want to.

Last December, Conley spoke to investigators after an incident in which she acted strangely at a Chapel in Arvada.

She joined the Army Explorers in the U.S. to use their training and intended to one day train Jihadi fighters in military tactics used by the U.S.

The court documents said she wanted to become a member of the U.S. military by believed her religious beliefs would not be accepted.

At that time, investigators tried to veer Conley from her end goal of becoming a member of the ISIS and asked for her parents help.

Conley believes she was engaged online and shared the same view of Islam that required her to participate in a jihad against all non-believers.

If she were found guilty, Conley would face up to five years behind bars, a fine of $250,000 or both.

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