Leader of Iraq Asks World Leaders to Pursue Islamic State

Fuad Masum the President of Iraq has urged world leaders Monday to take their fight against the Islamic State from his country to its neighbor Syria.

Masum said the militant group should not be allowed to have a sanctuary. Masum spoke during the opening of a conference on how to help Iraq respond to threats posed in Syria and Iraq by the Islamic State. Masum says wherever the group is they should be pursued.

France’s President Francois Hollande, who is hosting the meeting, said the IS represented a danger that was global and urged the rest of the international community to help Iraq.

Hollande said the fight Iraq has against terrorists is ours as well and there is not any time to waste.

Masum’s appeal for more military help against the Islamic State is not new for the government of Iraq. However, it was significant since he made it during a meeting with 26 countries and representatives from the EU, Arab League and the United Nations.

Recently, the United States focused airstrikes inside Iraq in defense of Erbil a northern city, securing the dam near Mosul and the Haditha Dam.

However, Haider al-Abadi the new Iraqi prime minister, asked the U.S. to have airstrikes on the Syrian side to deprive the group of militants from a safe harbor there.

The Kurdish region president Masoud Barzani urged action on the border area of Iraq and Syria during a Saturday telephone conversation with John Kerry the Secretary of State.

A senior official with the U.S. State Department said that Iraq has to receive assistance near the Iraq and Syria border and it was something they are deciding upon.

Islamic State controls a great deal of western and northern Iraq and currently has sanctuary in Syria.

Nations in the West are concerned more Americans and Europeans will join in the fight, become much more radicalized while there and then return home to perform terrorist attacks in the U.S. or Europe.

France confirmed that it had planes based inside the United Arab Emirates that were flying over Iraq on reconnaissance flights to identify targets.

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