Leader of Islamic State Urges Saudi Arabia Attacks

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi the leader of the Islamic State has called for attacks against the Saudi Arabia rulers during a speech that was purported to be him on Thursday, saying his caliphate was growing there and in four more Arab countries.

The IS leader also said that a military campaign that the US led against his organization in Iraq and Syria was not working and called for there to be volcanoes of jihad across the world.

News agencies were unable to confirm independently the speech’s authenticity. The voice was similar to a previous one Baghdadi delivered this past July at a Mosque in Mosul a city in Iraq, which was the last time he had spoken in public.

The tape follows contradictory accounts from Iraq after air strikes by the U.S. last week, about whether he had been wounded in the raid

On Tuesday, the U.S. said it could not make a confirmation whether he had been wounded or killed in the bombing following a strike close to Falluja.

Baghdadi in the tape urged his supporters inside Saudi Arabia, the top exporter of oil in the world, to take their fight to the Kingdom’s leaders, which have joined the coalition led by the U.S. in airstrikes against the militant group.

Baghdadi used a derogatory term when referring to the Saudi Arabia leadership.

Haramayn is referring to the two holiest locations in Islam, of which both are located in Saudi Arabia.

There was not date on the speech, but it carried a reference to a November 7 announcement by the U.S. that its president Barack Obama approved of sending over 1,500 troops to Iraq.

The IS seized large swathes of territory in Iraq and Syria and then declared its caliphate over the area it controls this past June.

Baghdadi said, he had accepted allegiance oaths from his supporters in Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

Although there have been supporters pledging their allegiance to IS in countries such as Lebanon, Afghanistan and Pakistan, Baghdadi singled out the previous five states, picking ones that sympathizers had a strong base that could be used to mount attacks.

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