Leaders Reprimand Israeli Soldiers for Photos

A group of new recruits in the Israeli army, who are females, were disciplined after photos of them were posted online that showed them in underwear.

One of the pictures showed the soldiers with their uniform pants pulled down to their ankles and their buttocks showing as they were wearing thong style underwear.

In another of the photos, the women posed with only their helmets on and a very limited amount of combat equipment. In all of the photos, the women’s faces in the photos were blurred.

A news organization in Israel said the women had been new recruits that appeared in the photos at a based located in the southern part of the country.

The military, in a prepared statement, said the women acted in such a way that it showed unbecoming behavior on their part that is not reflective of other Israeli soldiers. The statement said the women soldiers had been disciplined as their commanding officers saw fit.

Over the last few years, the military in Israeli has had to discipline many soldiers for the posting of offensive photos and of offensive comments on the different social media websites.

On YouTube, in 2010, a video showed a male soldier from the Israeli army dancing suggestively near a Palestinian woman who was blindfolded. During that same year, a number of photos circulated online of a female soldier posing in front of prisoners who were Palestinian.

Earlier this year, the military reprimanded a soldier for writing tweets that were anti-Palestinian and posting images on a number of social media sites that showed him naked and holding a gun.

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