Lebanon Continues to have Deadly Clashes

Fighting in Lebanon has been breaking out with the clashes linked to the conflict in Syria that has been going one for over 21 months. That conflict has taken the lives of four people and wounded another 40 in Lebanon.

The latest clashes between Sunni Muslims and those backing President Bashar al-Assad have taken place in Tripoli and came while authorities from Lebanon received three bodies from the group of 14 Palestinian and Lebanese nationals who had been killed in Syria.

Tensions in the northern area of Lebanon have been high since the 14 Palestinian and Sunni Muslims from the region were killed last week by security forces in Syria in a border town.

It has been long suspected that fighters from the northern region of Lebanon have entered Syria but the killing of the 14 men has reignited the long simmering tensions in Tripoli.

The conflict in Syria has stirred sectarian fighting within its own borders and has revived Tripoli’s sectarian clashes, where the communal makeup is similar to Syria.

In Tripoli, the majority Sunnis are in support of the uprising in Syria that has been led mostly by Sunnis, while Alawites, the minority sect in Tripoli, to which Syria’s president al-Assad belongs, are for the most part supportive of him.

State television in Syria aired videos of the dead gunman from Lebanon whose bodies had been riddled by bullets.

Those bodies were taken to the border in northern Lebanon where local religious authorities and security forces arrived to receive them. An official news agency in Lebanon said the country’s army had to respond to rifle fire on Saturday.

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