Lebanon Ranks Low for Global Peace

In a recent ranking of global peace, Lebanon was ranked no. 143 out of the 162 countries on the list. That ranking made Lebanon one of the least peaceful nations, according to the report, in the world.

The most recent ranking of Lebanon at no. 142 for the Global Peace Index was released on Tuesday, placing it behind India, but ahead of South Sudan.

Lebanon has remained near the bottom of the global peace ranking for the past 6 years. In 2007, Lebanon ranked no. 114 out of a list of just 121 countries.

Researchers calculated the index by averaging 22 indicators that are used to measure a country’s internal peace. Those indicators include the level of crime in the country along with war and military expenditure. Trends are analyzed in the report for peace and violence across the different nations, along with the effect conflict has on the world’s economy.

Lebanon’s rank dropped in comparison to last year, when it ranked no. 136. Its ranking dropped largely because of the ongoing conflict in Syria its neighbor, instability politically and easier access to weapons, said the report.

In the ranking, Syria was no. 160, with its score free falling by 70% since 2008, which marked the biggest decline in score in the history of the Index, according to researchers.

The three countries ranked as the most peaceful were Iceland, Denmark and New Zealand. Libya was listed as having the best improvement in its scoring for peace from the previous listing. The report indicated that the three countries with the least amount of peace were Afghanistan, Syria and Somalia.


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