Libya Jailbreak frees over 1,000 Inmates

Nearly 1,200 inmates were able to escape from a jail located in Benghazi a restive city in Libya.

An official in charge of security told news agencies that the majority of inmates who had escaped were in jail facing very serious charges.

Another separate report said that the inmates had rioted inside the prison.

The Kwafiya prison escape comes only a day after a prominent activist was assassinated. This assassination triggered wide spread protests in Benghazi. Authorities did not say if they believed the protests and the jailbreak were related.

Benghazi has become one of Libya’s post revolution most unstable areas. It was just last year on September 11, when four Americans, including the U.S. ambassador to Libya were killed in a flare up at the U.S. diplomatic mission in the city.

On Saturday, Muslim Brotherhood offices were attacked by protesters following Abdelsalam al-Mismari’s funeral. He was a prominent activist. His funeral was attended by hundreds.

A spokesperson for security in Benghazi said that some of the escapees from the Kwafiya prison had already been recaptured, but no number was released to say specifically how many were back in custody.

Ali Zeidan, the Prime Minister of Libya said in his news conference that residents in the city’s southern area stormed the prison to protest its existence inside their district.

Included as inmates was thought to be people who were supporters of former leader Muammar Gaddafi. He was toppled and eventually killed during a 2011 uprising.

The supporters of Gaddafi had been incarcerated after attacking security bases following the conflict.

A security official has been quoted by a new agency as saying unrest was present inside the walls of the prison prior to the escape.

The official said a riot took place inside the jail, while an attack was made from the outside.

Groups of special forces arrived to reestablish order, but were told not to shoot at any prisoners.

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