Livni and Herzog to Join Forces Against the Right

After being courted heavily by both the Yest Atid and Labor, and following several surveys that predicted the Hathua would not have enough votes to reach the threshold. Tzipi Livni announced she was joining forces with Labor prior to the elections in 2015.

Herzog the current leader of Labor announced the dramatic change at the podium. Herzog said the group offered a model of leadership of another kind. The model is of joint leadership, where all work together for the country’s future.

Labor convened at their headquarters to have a special session in Tel Aviv to approve the list.

Following the meeting, the Knesset member from the party released a statement supporting the move. In the statement, Eitan Cabel from Labor said that today the groundwork has been set for the 2015 revolution.

The leader of the center left, who vowed to replace Benjamin Netanyahu the Prime Minister, promised the group would operate in accordance with the Declaration of Independence.

Livni supported the new political partner she had chosen, saying that Herzog would be an excellent prime minister and claimed the elections were an opportunity for the country of Israel to return to what it was at one time.

She said the group was working for the Israeli citizen and against the extremist right wing parties.

Livni and Herzog agreed on a rotating leadership of the new bloc, if they are to win the elections. Aside from the reserved spot for Livni on the list, three other positions will be set aside for members of Hatnua.

Livni had a meeting with Yair Lapid the chairman of Yesh Atid Tuesday night. However, the chairwoman from Hatnua apparently has decided to stand beside the Labor party of Isaac Herzog.

Livni, who first joined the Knesset as a member of the Likud Party, heads up Hatnua, which two years ago she founded after splitting from Kadima, the party which split from Likud when it was decided by Ariel Sharon to support a disengagement unilaterally from Gaza.

Shelly Yachimovich the former chair at Labor said she was happy with the new union. She said it was clear as of last night that the Netanyahu age was over. She added that it was an important, intelligent merger, which signals a new wave of hope.

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