Majlis Speaker: Western Countries Want to Break Iran Resistance

Ali Larijani, Iran's Speaker of parliament

Ali Larijani, Iran’s Speaker of parliament, criticized the policies of United States and European countries toward the nuclear program of Iran. According to Iranian government, this country is going to use nuclear energy for its peaceful purposes while Western countries believe Iran wants to develop nuclear weapon which is a major threat to existent Israel.

“Our enemies want to shock Iranians using their media and penetration. They have plotted hostile schemes for Iranian nation but our people must be careful and smart. Western countries are trying to hide their animosity against Iran via nuclear case. The authorities of United States and European countries pose inconsistent comments on media and official meetings.” said Ali Larijani, the speaker of Iran’s parliament.

“Their stances in negotiations are far different from what they talk in media. Note that this is a major plot and its intention is toppling the Islamic Republic of Iran and breaking resistance.” Ali Larijani added.

United States has imposed several economic sanctions on Iran to convince the country to stop its nuclear activities. The sanctions have paid off and Iranians are now suffering from high inflation rate in country which has caused several peaceful demonstrations against government. At this time hard liner politicians are urging Iranians to be calm and don’t react to conditions.

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