Man in New York Charged with Attempting to Aid Islamic State

A man living in New York who was born in Yemen was indicted on Tuesday for attempting to provide support to a group that was labeled a terrorist organization. He also was charged with the attempted murder of former and current members of the military in the U.S.

Mufid Elfgeeh, who was living in Rochester, was indicted on seven counts, which included four charges for firearms.

Court documents said that as part of the alleged plot aimed at soldiers returning home from Iraq, Elfgeeh purchased handguns with ammunition and silencers from a government source for $1,050.

Court records show that Elfgeeh in both 2013 and 2014 attempted to help with the travel of three different individuals, of which two were informants with the FBI, to travel to Syria and fight with the Islamic State.

After two of the people, both the FBI informants, agreed to go to Syria, Elfgeeh is alleged to have helped them prepare for their trip.

He sent an individual in Yemen $600 to assist with the traveling to Syria from Yemen to join the Islamic State.

Local and federal authorities took Elfgeeh into custody in May at a parking lot in Wal-Mart following a sting where an informant with the FBI offered him silencers and guns, which the man from Yemen wanted allegedly to use to kill U.S. soldiers returning from the war and Shia Muslims who lived in the area.

Elfgeeh is a naturalized U.S. citizen.

Officials in the U.S. estimated that close 100 Americans have already traveled to the Middle East to fight there with different groups including the Islamic State.

The affidavit said Elfgeeh attempted to raise money from a man in Yemen to join the group.

Elfgeeh encouraged informants to go overseas and engage in violent jihad in the Islamic State.

The affidavit alleges that in April, Elfgeeh and an informant went to Buffalo for a passport for the FBI informant. He said the Islamic State likely would use the man as a cannon operator or a possible sniper.

Elfgeeh could face 15 years for each material support charge, as many as 20 years for the attempted murder charge and life for the firearms charge.

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