Manuel José: Ali Karimi is a Traitor

The Portuguese head coach of Persepolis FC, Manuel José

The Portuguese head coach of Persepolis FC, Manuel José, says Ali Karimi is a traitor and he is disloyal to club. Ali Karimi is the vice-captain of Tehran based club Persepolis FC.

Carlos Queiroz is also accused of ‘instigating’ Ali Karimi against Jose. “Carlos Queiroz has made this trouble for Persepolis FC. Ali Karimi changed his behavior toward me after coming back from Iran national football team. He was one of the best players in club but he totally changed his view after leaving the camp of Team Melli.”

“I have talked five times with Ali Karimi over his problems in club but he didn’t answer clearly. My stance is completely clear. I have reliable information that Carlos Queiroz has asked him to do this. Queiroz doesn’t want to invite Ali Karimi to Team Melli and he is looking for a justifiable pretext. He wants to split Ali Karimi from Persepolis FC due to his demands. The main culprit of the current crisis between me and Ali Karimi is Carlos Queiroz.” Manuel José said.

“When I first came to Iran, the Portuguese ambassador tried to reconcile us. But I don’t want to be a friend of Queiroz. After he took the role of Portugal national football team, I criticized him several times technically. This has made Queiroz the number one enemy of me.” José added.

Manuel José doesn’t have stable position in Persepolis FC over his performance. The recent crisis between him and Karimi has worsened the conditions.

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