Middle East: Best Way to Find Work is Through Applying Online

Over 90% of respondents in the Middle East and North Africa or MENA, find it is useful to receive new jobs notifications that are available via email or the phone says a survey just completed by Bayt.com the number one site for jobs in the Middle East.

This is a good sign as those seeking work are using the latest in technology to an advantage.

Almost 27% of the MENA respondents making the hiring decisions for their company believe that the lack of tools for salary benchmarking is one of the biggest challenges that they face in meeting their goals for recruitment.

There is good news though. There are tools to tackle that in the market such as Bayt.com Salaries. That platform lets employers know what are the best salaries in the market.

Other challenges include the perceived lack of applications from qualified jobs seekers for specific roles, poor recruitment tools for management and too many overall candidates.

Around 25% of those who responded who are making the hiring decisions believe that ability to ask a job seekers questions at the time they apply would make it easier to hire.

Features like Bayt.com Tests and discussion sharing and dedicated professional content sharing platforms like Bayt.com Specialties allow the employers to have more confidence in decisions of hiring by making sure the candidates have the required job skills to apply.

In addition, respondents said the following would make it much easier to hire: having vacancy in a more visible location, being able to automatically filter out candidates that are irrelevant, filter candidates by different settings and tools for managing the process of recruitment online.

Over one third of those who were surveyed said the combination of all that would ease the process of hiring.

Almost half those surveyed or 47.4% said it was very difficult hiring senior managers and other top talent, while others said that it was the same as hiring other talent.

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