Militant Hideout Bombed by Pakistani Military

Pakistani warplanes dropped bombs on a militant leader’s hideout killing five, said a military spokesperson on Sunday. This took place just a day after the Taliban in Pakistan declared a ceasefire of one month to pursue peace talks that have stalled with the government.

Mullah Tamanchey was the target of the military bombing. He directed a deadly attack on a convoy that carried a team giving polio vaccinations and security forces Saturday. In that attack, 12 were killed said military officials.

A security official in Pakistan said the government would not tolerate any terror acts and each would be replied to. Hours following the attack against the convoy, the Taliban said it would honor a ceasefire of one month as a way to help revive the peace talks. The Taliban also called upon other militant organizations to observe the same ceasefire.

A negotiator with the government said they would be open to new peace talks if the Taliban and their affiliates honored the agreed upon ceasefire.

The head of the largest group of clerics in the country, Tahir Ashrafi, said the Taliban should free its kidnapped victims, safeguard the polio workers and hand over the bodies of the slain forces to demonstrate sincerity.

He also said that the Pakistani government should free from prison suspected militants if no evidence existed of their guilt. The Taliban in Pakistan claims to be fighting in an attempt to overthrow the government of Nawaz Sharif that was democratically elected.

They want to replace the government with a state that would be ruled under strict Islamic Law.

Nawaz Sharif, the Prime Minister has pursued peace talks since May when he was elected. Soon after the start of the talks in early February, the Taliban attacked a bus of police in Karachi and killed 13.

The talks then ended just a few days later when a faction from the Taliban claimed it killed 23 members of a paramilitary group. That same night military forces started bombing places in the northwest that were said to be hideouts of militants.

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