Military plan under consideration for possible no-fly zone near Jordan

The proposal by the U.S. Defense Department for arming rebels in Syria includes a no-fly zone in Syria and troops would enforce it from within Jordan to protect the refugees from Syria and the rebels training there.

Military planners were requested by the Obama Administration to develop different options to use in Syria. They said that setting up an area used for training the rebel forces and equip them would mean keeping aircraft from Syria a good distance from the border with Jordan.

To accomplish that, it is envisioned that a no-fly area would have to be created stretching over 25 miles in Syrian territory, which could then be enforced by using aircraft flow from bases in Jordan, said officials from the U.S.

Proposals are currently being considered to arm Syria’s rebels inside Jordan, said officials in the U.S. The National Security Council at the White House declined to make any comment on details of the deliberations.

The no-fly zone would not require any destruction of anti-aircraft batteries of the Syrians, said officials in the U.S.

Officials said a decision would come soon from the White House.

Jordan has received thousands of refugees for Syria and it is becoming a threat to a key ally of the U.S. in the region.

Supporters of the no-fly area say one can be implemented without requiring a resolution from the Security Council of the U.N.

U.S. aircraft have missiles that are air to air that are able to destroy planes at long range. However, officials said their aircraft might have to enter Syria airspace when or if they become threatened by Syrian aircraft.

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