Miss Israel Invited to Obama Gala Hosted By Shimon Peres

U.S. President Barrack Obama was moved by the story of Yityish Aynaw so much that he has asked to meet with her during his stay in Israel. She said that ten years ago, walking in Ethiopia barefoot, she could not have ever imagined something so powerful like this would happen.

As thousands of Israelis hope to be invited to listen to the U.S. President speak at the Jerusalem Convention Center, one young woman was lucky enough to be invited to be the U.S. president’s dinner guest.

White House organizers preparing the president’s trip to Israel included Aynaw on the list of dinner invitees. The newly crowned Miss Israel, who was born in Ethiopia appeared on the exclusive list of guests to the gala dinner that will be hosted by Shimon Peres the Israeli President in honor of the U.S. president.

The beautiful Aynaw, who is just 22, admitted on Wednesday that she had butterflies in her stomach. The White House organizers who arrived in Israel days ago, started to look for Miss Israel as soon as they arrived. On Monday, the group asked activists who were born in Ethiopia if they could help find the young woman. On Tuesday, the organizing group finally made contact with Aynaw and she was invited to dine next Thursday in Jerusalem at the President’s home.

Just 120 people are on the invitation list to the dinner, including Benjamin Netanyahu the Prime Minister, the speaker of the Knesset and the Chief of Staff of the IDF.

Aynaw was born in Gondar and raised with her brother by her mother alone, after their father was killed when she was just two years old. When she was only 12, her mother died and she and her brother eventually emigrated to Israel.

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