Mohammad Ali Abtahi Criticized Iran’s Poor Reaction to Anti-Islam Film

Mohammad Ali Abtahi, former Vice President of Iran

Mohammad Ali Abtahi, former Vice President of Iran, criticized the recent poor reaction of Iranian government to the Anti-Islam film produced in the United States.

“People from Egypt and Libya held significant demonstrations because of the anti-Islam film, even they killed U.S. ambassador to Libya. Mr Obama expressed his sorrow for Muslims. We didn’t see any major reaction here (Iran) as the center of Islamic culture where we hold spontaneous demonstrations for every political events. So this show insulting to Muhammad is not important for our governors.” Mohammad Ali Abtahi said in his official Facebook page.

By the way some groups of Iranians including extremist students held demonstrations in front if Swiss embassy in Tehran.

Abtahi is a former Vice President of Iran and a close associate of former President Mohammad Khatami. Abtahi is a member of the central council of Association of Combatant Clerics (Majma’e Rowhaniyoon-e Mobarez), the political grouping to which both Khatami and the 2009 presidential candidate Mehdi Karroubi (the previous Speaker of Majlis of Iran) belong.

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