Mohammad Panjali: Iran National Football Team will Defeat South Korea at Azadi Stadium

Mohammad Panjali, Iranian retired footballer and coach

Mohammad Panjali, Iranian retired footballer and coach, believes Iran national team will beat its rival, South Korea, at Tehran’s Azadi stadium under the tutelage of Portuguese Carlos Queiroz. Iran is scheduled to meet South Korea in next week in the first leg of World Cup qualifications.

“This is very important game for us and Iran must be the winner. Fortunately we have proved that, Team Melli can achieve unimaginable successes in football. If our players be calm during the match, they have enough capabilities to beat South Korea in Tehran. I personally believe that Iranian footballers are technically and tactically better than Japanese and Korean players but they are weak in team work. However I hope they address this problem until the next week.” Mohammad Panjali said about the upcoming match between Iran and South Korea.

He also believes the loss against Lebanon shows the reality of Iran’s football. “Unfortunately Iran’s football suffered from mismanagement during the last years and I think this problem has annoyed Team Melli drastically. Carlos Queiroz and his cadre have very important role to prepare players for the next match against South Korea.”

Mohammad Panjali also talked about the quality of South Korea national football team. “I have played many times with Team Melli against this team. They utilize certain tactics integrated with their notable speed.”

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