Mohsen Pak Aein: Sanctions on Iran’s Economy is a War against Civilians

Mohsen Pak Aein, the ambassador of Islamic Republic of Iran to Azerbaijan

Mohsen Pak Aein, the ambassador of Islamic Republic of Iran to Azerbaijan, criticized the United States government for its embargoes on Iran’s economy and called it a new warfare against Iranian civilians.

“They (Western countries) are linking the new round of sanctions to nuclear program while their intention from restricting Iran is something else. United States is not happy with Iran’s endurance against its unfair policies. Of course Iranians are not looking to develop nuclear weapons.” said Mohsen Pak Aein, the former Head of Afghanistan office of Iranian Foreign Ministry.

“From nine years ago, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has conducted several audits on Iran’s nuclear facilities but it didn’t found any proof showing that Iran is developing nuclear weapons. Also CIA has reported that Iran doesn’t possess any atomic bombs and the country is not looking to create such weapons.” Mohsen Pak Aein added.

“According to a Fatwa (Islamic decree) issues by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, developing and using nuclear weapons are forbidden. Iran will never develop nuclear bombs.” Mohsen Pak Aein concluded.

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