More Christians Slaughtered Says ISIS

On Sunday, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria released a video that appears to show two separate groups of Ethiopian Christians who were captured by the Libyan affiliates of the extremist militant group.

The online video of 29-minutes shows the militants with the two groups. It says on group of captives was held by an affiliate of ISIS called Barka Province in eastern Libya and one by an affiliate known as Fazzan Province in southern Syria.

A masked militant holding a pistol delivers a statement saying that Christians must convert or pay a special tax the Quran prescribes.

At that point, the video switches between footage of captives with the affiliate in the south being shot and the captives held by the affiliate to the east being beheaded.

It was unclear who the captives were and when they had been captured. It was also unclear the number of captives that had been executed.

The official logo for ISIS was on the video and the video resembled videos that have been released previously by the militant group, including one this past February where ISIS members in Libya beheaded Egyptian Christians that had been captured.

Since that video’s release, tens of thousands of regional Christians fled Libya. Egypt responded angrily with the killings by bombing ISIS targets inside Libya.

ISIS has gained a big foothold in Libya amidst chaos, as the country has fallen into chaos 3 years after an uprising backed by the U.S. toppled the longtime dictator in the country Muammar Qaddafi, as tribes, militias, religious groups and political parties battle to gain power.

The eastern part of the country has seen a great deal of the problem as several Islamist groups reportedly have battled for control.

Military forces from France expelled insurgents linked to al-Qaeda from Mali during 2013 and some of them fled into Libya.

ISIS had advanced in Iraq, where the group captured another three villages close to Ramadi a city in the Anbar province in western Iraq and were in battles with Iraqi troops trying to take the city.

Over 90,000 people fled the advance of the ISIS in Anbar, said humanitarian agency operated by the UN.

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