Morsi Detained, Accused of Conspiring with Hamas

A judge in Egypt has ordered ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi to be kept in detention on charges that he conspired with Hamas, the Palestinian militant group. The country is bracing for large protests from Morsi supporters on Friday.

The country’s official news agency, MENA, said that Morsi was detained for another 15 days so authorities can investigate the charges.

The former president and Islamist leader had been held without being charged since July 3 in a secret location by the military after being removed from office.

Investigators are attempting to determine if Morsi worked directly with Hamas when he and dozens of other leaders of Islam escaped from being held in prison in 2011 during an uprising that eventually toppled Hosni Mubarak’s reign.

The Muslim Brotherhood, the group that has supported Morsi since he was elected president, said local residents were the ones who helped free Morsi and other prisoners.

However, a court in Cairo is investigating whether Morsi and Hamas collaborated in attacks on different police stations. The military has not said if Morsi will face any charges in court.

A Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi spokesperson said on Friday that the military accusations were more evidence of the return of the Mubarak era.

The latest charges have come as opponents and supporters of Morsi both plan rival protests to fill the streets on Friday. The planned protests have raised fears that more violence will take place as it has recently leaving dozens dead.

Chief of the army Abdel Fattah el-Sissi had asked that all honorable Egyptians fill the streets and give him the mandate needed to fight the terrorism and violence in the country.

A number of Islamist leaders have viewed the statement by el-Sissi as a warning of a violent crackdown and called for their supporters to fill the streets in protest.

The army in Egypt recently used terrorism and violence to refer to actions carried out by Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.

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