Morsi Rejects Ultimatum Given by Army to Resign

Mohammed Morsi the President of Egypt insisted he was not resigning as a deadline nears and violence is threatening to billow out of control testing democracy in a region that is amidst great change.

On Tuesday, authorities said at least 23 were killed in the capital of Cairo in clashes between supporters and opponents of Morsi.

Many of those deaths took place after gunfire started outside the University of Cairo in Giza, when demonstrators who were pro-Morsi gathered to express their support for the current president.

On Monday, a 48-hour deadline was given by the army, which will expire Wednesday. The deadline was for politicians to meet the demands of the people or the armed forces would implement its road map for the future of the country.

The increase in violence followed three full days of unrest that started on Sunday, when millions took to the streets of Egypt to demand the resignation of Morsi amidst calls to have early elections for a new president. At that time, the protest for the most part remained peaceful.

The plan the military has would suspend the constitution, disband the house of parliament dominated by Islamists and create a council on an interim basis if opposing political factions fail in reaching an agreement by the evening.

Morsi, who is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, appears to be unwilling to give any, going head to head with his protesting opponents as well as with the military that has been the state’s backbone for decades.

Morsi insists he was elected and has the right to rule. He said he was prepared to sacrifice his own blood for his homeland and has accused the loyalists from the former regime of battling against democracy.

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