Morsi Shakes Off Call for Ouster

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has announced in the face of month end planned protests that will call for his ouster, which he will not hand over power until his term ends in 2016.

He described the planned June 30 protests against the government as reflective of the January 25 revolution that won freedoms.

He also said that if the people of Egypt chose another president in the next scheduled elections of 2016, he would make sure the power is handed over according to law and the constitution to make sure democracy rules.

Mass protests nationwide are expected in Egypt on June 30 against Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood government. The protests aim to force the president to resign and hold presidential elections immediately.

The Rebel Campaign, which is a movement that was launched in May, is spearheading the protests and aims to break any confidence in the Morsi government by collecting more than 15 million signatures from Egyptians to outnumber the more than 13 million Morsi received to elect him to office.

Major groups in opposition to Morsi’s government are supporting the campaign. Two such groups are the National Salvation Front and the Egyptian Popular Current. The two groups announced that on Thursday they had reached their target of 15 million signatures.

The founders of the movement and its supporters have stressed that the intentions are completely peaceful and do not intend to engage in any form of violence during the soon to be demonstrations.

In the Cairo suburb of Nasr City, thousands of Islamists came together for a pro-Morsi rally.

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