Morsi Trial Resumes in Egypt

One of four trials pending against Mohammed Morsi the former President of Egypt has resumed in Cairo the capital of the largest Arab country in the region.

Morsi is reported to have turned his back when the judges arrived for his trial, as he had to stand inside a glass soundproof box at his hearing.

Morsi along with 14 other Muslim Brotherhood figures have been charged with causing the murders of protestors close to the presidential palace back in 2012.

At his hearing last week for another trial, a defiant Morsi shouted he was still the president of Egypt. He was deposed on July 3 of last year after large crowds of protesters rallied to have him ousted.

He now faces four criminal trials for inciting support to carry out violence and murder while trying to disperse a protest in Cairo held by the opposition.

He also is accused of conspiring with outside organizations in terrorist acts. He is accused of the murdering of prison officers in a 2011 jailbreak and for forming alliances with militant groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas.

The Islamist supporters of Morsi have said the charges against the former president are all politically motivated, although officials call the trials fair and free.

Morsi was flown via a helicopter Saturday morning from his Alexandria prison. He and his other defendants have been kept inside the glass soundproof box at the trial to avoid any disruptions.

Heavy security was deployed near the policy complex where the hearing was held.

Protester attacked a car driven by Morsi’s lawyer to stop him from arriving at the compound.

Friday, police in riot gear had to fire tear gas at many supporters of Morsi in Alexandria and Cairo.

Islamists have held regular protests that demand Morsi’s reinstatement as president, but have been hit with a heavy crackdown that has seen hundreds killed.

The government of Egypt has declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group and Egyptian authorities have been punishing any public support of the group.

Human rights organizations have said some allegations against Morsi are preposterous.

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