Morteza Mohasses: Iran will Qualify for 2014 World Cup

Morteza Mohasses, prominent Iranian football coach and analyst

Morteza Mohasses, prominent Iranian football coach and analyst, said his country will definitely qualify for 2014 World Cup. Currently Iran national football team doesn’t have good conditions. The recent loss to Lebanon raised many criticisms against the players and head coach of Iran.

Iran Football Federation just appointed Mohasses as the head of Technical Committee to observe and monitor Team Melli’s cadre. “To be honest this Committee is not going to intervene in technical issues. We will talk to Carlos Queiroz and discuss the problems. Then we will give our best solution for him.”

“We have decided to schedule the first session with Queiroz for the next week. Actually Iran national football team needs serenity before facing with South Korea. We must defeat Korea in Tehran and this will not be achieved except by providing tranquil conditions for our team.” Morteza Mohasses said.

“Fairly, the Team Melli results with Queiroz are not that bad. Note that I’m not going to solely support him but his team lost only two games and the results of the other matches are somehow acceptable. Those criticize¬†Queiroz must know that he is one of the best theorists and analyzers in football and he tries to run the modern tactics in Iran.” Morteza Mohasses added.

Although Carlos Queiroz was one of the best assistants of Alex Ferguson but he is experiencing hard times in Iran.

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