MP Ahmad Tavakkoli Criticizes Government over Dollar Rate

Member of Iran's parliament, Ahmad Tavakkoli

Member of Iran’s parliament, Ahmad Tavakkoli, criticized Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s government over high Dollar rate against Iran’s main currency, Rial.

“Because of the wrong economy policies of government, the Dollar rate has been increased more than %55 in only two months which is shameful for the system. We cannot control the situation in future if we don’t act as soon as we can.” Said Ahmad Tavakkoli, conservative representative of Tehran in the Iranian parliament, and the Director of Majlis Research Center.

Currently the Dollar rate against Iran’s Rial is 24,000 which is 12,000 more than the official rate set by Central Bank of Islamic Republic of Iran.

“One of the reasons resulted into increasing the Dollar rate is the recent policy of CBI to not importing foreign currencies into the markets against the high demands. In the last two months we experienced a terrible situation for currency exchanging, so we have to act fast to stop these conditions.” Ahmad Tavakkoli added.

Ahmad Tavakkoli had been the Iranian Minister of Labour under Mir-Hossein Mousavi, a parliament representative from Behshahr, and a presidential candidate in two of the presidential elections in Iran (running against Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani and Mohammad Khatami, both in their second terms).

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