MP: Iran will Pass the Currency Crisis

Iran will Pass the Currency Crisis

Mohammad Reza Pour-Ebrahimi, Member of Majlis Economic Commission, called the sanctions imposed by the United States on Iran’s economy as ineffective. Many analysts and activists in Iran believe the economic embargoes set by United States had disastrous effects on local businesses and increased the inflation rate. But Mohammad Reza Pour-Ebrahimi has different idea on this subject.

“The Iranian nations have passed many crises until now. The United States and European governments have imposed new financial and economic sanctions against our country but they didn’t have any major affects. However this is a new type of war, so we expect minimal loss to our economy.” said Mohammad Reza Pour-Ebrahimi, Member of Majlis.

“Our exchange markets are currently affected by psychological rumors. I believe the real IRR/USD exchange rate is only 16,000 and the current rate is somehow artificial.” Pour-Ebrahimi added. Currently there is not any official exchange rate in Iran’s free market, but its price is far more than what Central Bank of Iran has been announced. The Iranian government was criticized for its mismanagement which caused the currency crisis.

“Americans must know that Iran’s economy can survive without oil sales. The exchange rate could be slashed if government pulls its currency sources to markets.” Mohammad Reza Pour-Ebrahimi concluded.

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  1. Shirish Shah says:

    Its amazing how people dont understand how simple currency valuations are. The reason why the pound and dollar are strong is because of the military hold on the world. ITS very simple, we have bigger guns and bombs than you give us your natural resource other wise be blown u up. SO that is the real answer BUT to make it sound fair or more humane we introduce paper currency and have these valuations all over the world with the military strong nations have higher valuations.

    VERY SIMPLE! BIG GUNS MEANS STRONG PAPER NO BIG GUNS = enslavement via paper currency 🙁

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