Mubarak ordered released from Prison

On Monday, a court in Cairo ordered the release from prison of Hosni Mubarak the former President of Egypt.

The criminal court’s order to release Mubarak, who had been toppled from power in 2011, threatened to inject more tension in the existing standoff between the interim government, which is supported by the military, and the Muslim Brotherhood.

On July 3, the military ousted President Mohammed Morsi who was supported by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Since Morsi’s ouster near daily protests from his supporters have more often than not boiled over into clashes with authorities leading to people being killed and injured.

Some are worried that Mubarak’s release will mean a return to the police state, but analysts say that would not happen, as members of the Egyptian revolution would not allow it.

Morsi, since his ouster, has been held by the military at an undisclosed location. On Monday, authorities ordered he be held another 15 days until a probe into more claims he incited violence while the deadly unrest was taking place in December of last year.

Mubarak’s release was in connection with a court case on corruption. He could be freed within just three days. Mubarak was already ordered released on two other separate cases, including this supposed role in the killing of protesters during the uprising in 2011 that ousted him from office.

Mubarak is going through a retrial for the deaths of protesters after the life sentence he was given was overturned in the courts on appeal.

Activists from youth groups that pushed for the ouster of Morsi said that Mubarak, who was the ruler of Egypt for close to 30 years, would not be allowed to govern again.

The ruling by the court came as increased international censure is mounting since two protest camps supporting Morsi were cleared last week touching off violence that left over 1,000 killed over the past week.

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