Musharraf Escapes Court after Bail Revoked

Pervez Musharraf the former army general and President of Pakistan fled an Islamabad court on Thursday when the judges revoked his bail and ordered him arrested. The decision by the high court was just one more blow to the former president’s aspirations of revitalizing his political career in the country’s national elections in May.

Musharraf’s hasty exit from court was an example of the lack of influence the ex-general and former leader of the country now holds. He was once the dominant political figure in Pakistan, but his attempt at a triumphant return to politics has been received with much scorn.

This is the first time the judiciary system has been in this territory as the judge’s order to arrest Musharraf challenged a longstanding unwritten rule that top members of the military were untouchable.

The general’s bail was revoked but his lawyers said they would appeal that order to the country’s Supreme Court later in the afternoon.

Despite a promise from the Taliban that they would assassinate him and a number of legal problems, the former head of state in Pakistan returned in March after spending four years of self-exile between Dubai and London. His goal when he returned was to win a seat in the National Assembly in the election on May 11.

Nevertheless, since he arrived, judges have not been kind to him as their emotions are still raw from a 2007 showdown where he terminated a chief justices’ post and put his colleague’s all under house arrest.

A judge earlier this week announced that Musharraf could not be on the upcoming ballot because of all the legal battles he is currently fighting.

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