Musharraf Returns to Pakistan following his Self-Exile

Pervez Musharraf, the former Pakistani president returned on Sunday to his home following a multi-year self-imposed exile. The former president is attempting to again enter the political arena in his country of which he once was the ruler for nearly a decade after a military coup.

Musharraf returned to where he grew up the port city of Karachi in the southern area of the country. Hundreds of supporters greeted the former president upon his arrival at the airport.

Musharraf took part in the bloodless coup that toppled a civilian government back in 1999. He remained in charge of the country for close to one decade before resigning in 2009 due to increasing opposition from judges and members of civil society.

The former Pakistani president will face prosecution in his country. However, he will face even more pressure due to a promise from the Taliban that they will assassinate him upon his arrival.

The country is going through its biggest ever political transition, as Asif Ali Zardari, the president of the government of Pakistan stepped down earlier this month paving the way for general elections to take play in May.

Prior governments have been elected and in office only to have their terms shortened because of a military coup, such as the one led by Musharraf or interference behind the scenes from the military.

Authorities in Pakistan say Musharraf was involved in the death of a Baloch leader in 2005 and the death of Benazir Bhutto the country’s former prime minister. Musharraf shrugs those allegations off as being politically motivated.

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