Muslim Brotherhood dissolved by Court in Egypt.

An administrative court in Egypt has dissolved Muslim Brotherhood party and ordered to liquidate the assets, said a news agency operated by the state.

The decision by the court comes following a recommendation by an advisory panel from the court that said the leader’s of the party were already accused of or convicted of inciting violence and murder.

The panel’s recommendation said that the investigation by the police state the party’s offices and headquarters were used to keep weapons.

One news agency in the city of Cairo said the court’s decision was final.

The decision by the court is part of a wider crackdown against the members of the group and the group itself that has landed many in jail including many who were given death sentences.

Shortly after democratically elected president Mohammed Morsi was ousted from the Presidency in July of 2013, the government ruled that the Brotherhood party was a terrorist organization that wanted to destabilize following Morsi’s ouster.

The organization denies all the charges against it, and has maintained protests against the government.

The party was founded by member of the Brotherhood, the historic Islamist group that was found back in 1928. In 2011, following the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak it started to dominate subsequent elections for the legislature.

The court decision comes prior to the new elections for the parliament, which are the first since the ouster of Morsi and are expected in the next year.

Egypt’s new president Fatah Abdel el-Sisi and the parliament have attempted to squash the Muslim Brotherhood movement calling it a terrorist organization.

There have been a number of clashes over the past year between Brotherhood supporters and the government security forces.

In a number of trials over the past few months, courts have found hundreds of Brotherhood members guilty of varying offenses and have sentence many to death.

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