Muslim Brotherhood Labeled Terrorist Group

On Wednesday, the interim government of Egypt officially declared that the Muslim Brotherhood was a terrorist group. The government blamed the group for this week’s bombing that killed 16 and announced that any member of the group would be punished.

Hossam Issa, the deputy prime minister and minister for higher education announced the decision by the Cabinet on al-Masriaya television, which is operated by the government.

In his announcement, he said the government would not look back under any circumstances and the government and its people will not succumb to the terrorism from the Muslim Brotherhood whose atrocities have gone beyond all human, religious and moral limits.

Issa added that the government would punish anyone who was giving the terrorist group any form of financial help.

Hundreds of people who support the Brotherhood protested in the streets of cities and towns throughout Egypt after the government made the announcement. In the city of Alexandria, some of the protesters threw firecrackers at law enforcement authorities and set police cars on fire as people marched in the city streets calling Sisi a traitor. Sisi refers to new Egyptian leader General Abdel Fatah El Sisi.

Demonstrators in Cairo held up signs that read Rabaa, which is four in Arabic. Police had to violently clear the protest camp that had been set up by the Brotherhood at the mosque Rabaa al-Adawiya earlier in the year. The violent breakup of the camp killed hundreds in Egypt’s bloodiest single day in modern history.

Tamarod, a political faction that was responsible for the campaign that eventually led to President Mohamed Morsi being ousted, called the government’s decision a good one, but said it come later than they had hoped.

Issa gave his announcement even though jihadist group Ansar Jerusalem, responsible for the attacks in the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt had claimed the responsibility for the security headquarters deadly attack.

Ansar Jerusalem on Sunday issued a statement online that called upon all police and army members to quit.

Sixteen people were killed in twin bombings and 130 were wounded. Over 40 people were still in hospitals on Wednesday.

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