Muslim Brotherhood’s Leader Sentenced to Death in Egypt

The death sentences handed down to Mohamed Badie the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and another 11 senior members of the organization for inciting violence and chaos were upheld on Saturday by a court in Egypt.

Badie is considered the spiritual leader of the Brotherhood and faced a number of trials since July of 2013 when the military deposed of Mohamed Morsi the Islamist president.

The court also handed down a sentence to Mohamed Soltan a dual citizen of the United States and Egypt to life in prison for supporting the organization and for transmitting news that was false.

He is Salah Soltan’s son, who is a preacher with the Muslim Brotherhood who was amongst those who were also sentenced to death early Saturday.

The death sentences are appealable in front of the highest civilian court in Egypt in a process that might take a number of years to reach a verdict that cannot be appealed.

The men on Saturday were amongst the thousands that had been detained by the military and security forces following the ousting of President Morsi in 2013.

The mass trials by Egypt of the supporters and members of the Brotherhood have drawn sharp criticism from the international community claiming the judicial system in the country is flawed.

Current Egyptian President Fattah el-Sisi, who was the chief of the army when it toppled President Morsi following huge protests in the streets across the country, describes the Muslim Brotherhood as a large security threat to the country.

The Egyptian government blacklisted the Brotherhood as a terrorist group amidst an increase in attacks by militants that killed dozens of security personnel, police officers and soldiers.

However, the Brotherhood said it was committed to nothing more than peaceful activism and was not involved in any way with recent, violence carried out by Islamist militants across the country.

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