Naghdi: The Current Condition in Iran is not worse than ‘Meccan boycott of the Hashemites’

The commander of Iran's Basij force, Mohammad Reza Naghdi

The commander of Iran’s Basij force, Mohammad Reza Naghdi, says the current economic and political condition of Iran is not worse than Meccan boycott of the Hashemites.

“Our enemies failed to break the resistance of Iranian nation in political, cultural and military fields. Now they have put pressure on Iran’s economy. I’m sure resistance economy will lead Iran to victory and defuse all the plots by Western governments.” Basij Commander Mohammad Reza Naghdi said.

“At this moment, women have very important role in Iran. They can define the resistance role and work culture. The term of resistance economy doesn’t mean stopping economic operations. We must go and find our capabilities and potentials then use them in the best ways. Muslims in Shib Abi Talib passed three years in an infertile land. So can’t we resist against Western sanctions in Iran?” Brigadier Mohammad Reza Naghdi added.

According to tradition, in 617 the leaders of Makhzum and Banu Abd-Shams, two important clans of Quraysh, declared a public boycott against the clan of Banu Hashim, their commercial rival, in order to put pressure on the clan to withdraw its protection from Muhammad. It became a source of great troubles for the Muslims, and they were forced to do their second migration to an area called Shib Abi Talib or Shib Abi Hashim where they suffered hunger. The boycott was ended in 619, the Year of Sorrow.

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