Netanyahu Assails New Iran President in Speech at United Nations

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel called the new President of Iran Hasan Rouhani a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing. The Israeli leader also castigated the diplomatic outreach by the U.S. to Tehran.

Netanyahu says the Iranian President only wants to use a possible political thaw to help advance the nuclear program in his country.

The prime minister was addressing the General Assembly of the United Nations Tuesday when he said Israel would take military action unilaterally against Iran if at any time it felt the rest of the international community would not prevent the Iranians from acquiring deadly nuclear weapons.

The comments of the Israeli leader came just a day after he has been reassured by President Obama during a meeting at the White House that the U.S. would also use force if it felt it were necessary to prevent the Iranians from completing a nuclear bomb.

Netanyahu spoke harshly over the contention of Iran that it was not seeking to make nuclear weapons. He says Iran is lying about its nuclear program and insists the country is making a nuclear bomb.

However, the blunt rhetoric by Netanyahu at the United Nations highlighted the many obstacles the U.S. and Obama had in attempting to forge a new diplomatic accord with Tehran.

Israel holds the belief that Iran has sufficient enriched uranium to make an atomic bomb, if it processes it further to make weapons grade fuel. The Prime Minister of Israel said that Tehran was also currently building new long-range missiles that would deliver the nuclear weapons. The government of the U.S. believes the same.

The diplomatic mission of Iran at the United Nations responded to the remark of Netanyahu by warning the country of Israel that Tehran would quickly retaliate against any strike by the Israeli military.

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