Netanyahu back to full power following Hernia Surgery

Defense Minister Ya’alon in Israel was the acting premier in the country during a hernia surgery that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had this weekend.

Netanyahu has since reassumed total authority, but has been told by his doctors to remain working at home through at least next Thursday.

Dr. Yuval Weiss, the hospital’s director, who examined Prime Minister Netanyahu following his surgery spoke to Avichai Mandelblit, the Cabinet Secretary and concluded there was no reason medically preventing the Prime Minister’s reinstatement to full authority.

Netanyahu thanked the entire staff at the hospital and all of the citizens of Israel who had taken an interest in his health and well being. He told Israelis he continued to be concerned at all times for their safety and well being.

Netanyahu was sent to have surgery after his personal doctor and a hernia surgeon had diagnosed the Prime Minister with a hernia in his umbilical area.

He was taken immediately to the hospital and underwent scans and surgery at 2:30 am local Israeli time.

Surgery was one hour and then it took another two hours for his recovery time. Although originally the surgery was expected to use just local anesthesia, doctors decided while prepping for surgery to use general anesthesia instead.

Ya’alon also was expected to head a meeting of cabinet members Sunday to select security prisoners for release for the Palestinians. This is part of the peace negotiations sponsored by the U.S., with the second round scheduled for Wednesday in Jerusalem.

It is predicted that Netanyahu would be given his release from the hospital on Sunday, but would go straight to his residence to start his recovery.

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