Netanyahu Calls for Kurdistan Independence

Seizing upon the upheaval in Iraq, the prime minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu called for establishing independence for Kurdistan on Sunday.

He asserted that the country of Israel must maintain military presence for the long-term in the West Bank so a jihad juggernaut could not reach the outskirts of Tel Aviv.

Netanyahu in his policy speech that marked the first detailed response by a world leader to the gains in territory over recent weeks made by Sunni extremists in Iraq and underscored how the events can ripple through a Middle East that is more and more interlocked.

Netanyahu suggested the gains in territory made in June by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, a jihad group inspired by al-Qaeda, could threaten neighboring Jordan with which the state of Israel has a peace accord it considers vital to the country’s security.

The group recently captured large swaths of territory in Iraq including important cities such as Tikrit and Mosul and a number of border crossing into Syria.

The group declared on Sunday a caliphate, or Islam-rule state, in the territory it controls across both Iraq and Syria.

Netanyahu warned that the offensive of ISIS could be aimed at Jordan across the short-term.

Without saying outright that the monarchy in Jordan, which is Western leaning, could be toppled, the Israeli prime minister suggested the same by saying the recent developments meant Israel needed to hold the border of the West Bank with the Hashemite Kingdom along the river Jordan.

He said Israel needs to stop fundamentalism and terrorism that could reach Israel from the east, at the Jordan line, and not when it is in the Tel Aviv suburbs.

He implied that radicals from Jordan could sweep across the West Bank to within 20 miles of the city of Tel Aviv.

The city is home to 2 million and is the cultural and business center of Israel with an engine that is making Israel increasingly more prosperous.

The endorsement of Netanyahu of Kurdish independence and his tough stance on the West Bank has him at odds with the prevailing opinion internationally.

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