Netanyahu Says Any Peace Accord Needs Referendum Vote

Benjamin Netanyahu the Prime Minister of Israel announced on Thursday that he was putting any peace accord reached with Palestinians to a referendum. The Prime Minister made the announcement while meeting with the foreign minister of Switzerland.

Netanyahu said that if the two sides reach an agreement he would like it to be taken to a referendum. He asked the Swiss foreign minister if he could talk to him about the referendum because of the experiences Didier Burkhalter has with them. Burkhalter said Netanyahu was invited at any time to Switzerland where he could be shown how the referendum worked.

Back in 2010, Netanyahu also said he would consider sending any peace accord first to a referendum. The talks stalled back in 2010 at the time Netanyahu mentioned the referendum and have not started again since that time.

The prime minister’s statement came just 24 hours after he rejected the idea that a withdrawal by Israel from the occupied territories would result in peace. The rejection by Netanyahu was apparently a snub to just a modification of the peace plan of 11 years ago.

Netanyahu said the root of the problem is not territorial. He said it started many years prior to 1967, which refers to the year that Gaza, East Jerusalem and the West bank was seized by Israel during the famous Six-day War.

Netanyahu says the root of the problem is the lack of will on the Palestinians part of recognizing Israel as a free and sovereign national state of the Jewish people.

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